Hexia is a real-time strategy and management game, where your task, as the King of the Realm you have been assigned, is to create and expand the territory, build new infrastructures and command and lead your people. You will face events that will present themselves to you as opportunities for improvement or as unexpected circumstances to overcome, and your choices will be fundamental to allow your kingdom to have the success it deserves and thus obtain a place in the world.

The universe of Hexia is full of unexpected surprises and mysteries to be discovered. A deep and articulate story lurks behind every event, and every decision you make will have an impact on the continuation of the world’s plot, as well as the kingdom’s resources.
The game is constantly evolving, starting from the humility of a single tile, each game has the potential to create an empire that will stand the test of time!


Windows PC 64-bit

21 December 2020


Bring the two points together by drawing lines of love! In this puzzle game, available for mobile devices, the power is in the touch of your finger!

Simple to understand but intriguing and challenging at the same time, Cupidot will test your skills and keep you attached to the screen one level after another.




02 January 2020