The world fights the CORONAVIRUS

Demios also wants to help to eradicate this pandemic.

We are experiencing very difficult times.
We wanted to bring our little help to the doctors, who are on the frontline every day in the fight against Covid 19, and to the patients, forced to stay in their own homes, by making available our new WEB platform, also available on Smartphone, HEALBOOK.IO


Cupidot, news coming soon!


Cupidot was our first game, released for mobile devices. Simple in concept, but fun and engaging in gameplay, this... leggi di più

Preliminary analysis: Grey ones


The body of subject 11 was found on the east coast of Bragdøya, an island near Kristiansand, in Norway. Operator... leggi di più

Factions: Ex Corporation


The private company known as Ex Corporation operates as a highly specialized pharmaceutical company in the field of research... leggi di più