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Cupidot, news coming soon!

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Cupidot was our first game, released for mobile devices. Simple in concept, but fun and engaging in gameplay, this app was our first attempt to land on the gaming market.

Immediate and rapid, Cupidot was a small experiment, which allowed us to better evaluate and visualize our horizons, to understand and analyze more deeply what we are able to create and what objectives we want to achieve.

Although it is a project thought to be minimalistic, we don’t want to stop here, our aim is to always improve, and to aim higher.

For this reason there are some news, and I am proud to announce that, with the help of new collaborators, Cupidot will obtain a complete graphic restyling.

In the near future the entire 2D graphics of the game will be rethought and recreated from scratch, thus allowing to combine the already fun gameplay with a unique and captivating style.

The gears of our company are always on the move, and we are ready to proceed without stopping towards our future!

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