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Factions: Ex Corporation

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The private company known as Ex Corporation operates as a highly specialized pharmaceutical company in the field of research and development.

Located mainly in North America, based in Washington D.C., Ex Corp. is however a multinational corporation with numerous installations and research centers around the world.

The company appears to have european roots, which go back to its actual foundation. For some unknown reason, even to the highest level members, the company was moved to the “new world” just a few years after its creation, and every document about the incident has mysteriously disappeared, or been highly protected and classified.

What even most people don’t know, however, is that the Ex Corporation shows only a part, a facade, of its entire organization. Being a pharmaceutical company is only a cover. The infrastructures present in the metropolis often hide secret passages that lead to underground laboratories, experimentation centers that for the government and society do not exist.

Their experience in the biological and clinical medical field is not only used for facade operations with the sale and production of drugs, their studies go much deeper, with the creation of specialized Agents who have been physically improved through highly technological and experimental systems.

Starting from a substance derived from South America, a drug used for shamanic and spiritual rituals and recurrences present in the culture of the place, the most illustrious scientists of Ex Corp. were able to first create the substance known then as YAGE.

This compound was what triggered many of the subsequent trials. It is in fact a mixture of highly programmable drugs and nano-machines that allow the user to obtain real “powers”, such as tissue regeneration, and to exponentially increase the psychic and perceptual potential of the person himself.

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