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First findings: infraplanar creatures

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The beings that manage to live in the space between the different dimensional planes, that is the place that has been defined with the name of Vakum, are called “infraplanar creatures“.

The world secret Organizations, their Agents and active Operators on the field still know very little about these beings, but each encounter was marked by very aggressive and dangerous interactions, with a considerable number of wounded, and in some cases even dead . However, the scientists of the Organizations have begun to recover carcasses found from the places of these clashes, and are beginning to study their physiology.

So far, only one type of infraplanar creature seems to have appeared, but scholars do not rule out that other types may exist.

The carcasses found show humanoids more or less high around two meters high, which show thin and nervous builds, with unnaturally long and disproportionate arms. Their glabrous, slimy and grayish skin seems to be able to produce a still unknown substance that bends and refracts light, effectively allowing a natural field of concealment. For this reason, when they infiltrate our world, these creatures remain hidden and invisible most of the time. Fortunately, the sensors installed in the Operator’s helmets are able to distinguish the body heat that these strange beasts still give off.

No one yet knows exactly how they manage to move from one plane to another with such ease, and above all without suffering lethal physical consequences, as can happen to humans. The only thing that is certain is that they manage to get inside the fundamental plane every time a rift or a convergence occurs. Whether this behavior is desired by them for some specific purpose, or that they are in a certain sense forced by the circumstances of the event, this is still to be understood.

Many other studies need to be carried out on their physiology, ecology and intellectual potential.

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