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Planeseeker, an incoming universe!

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We at Demios are a programming and development company. The main intent that drives us is always to create apps and programs useful for people’s lives, which are also able to entertain and fascinate an ever-increasing audience. Whether this means developing video games, useful for leisure and entertainment, or a truly significant and influential app like, the motivation behind all this does not change. Today I am happy to show you in more detail the deep narrative universe that will characterize one of our future releases: Planeseeker.

What will the Planeseeker product be?

The new title that will take the Planeseeker brand will be an interactive narrative experience, where you can traverse and explore a story, following and guiding the actions of a character through your choices. Each decision will have consequences on the continuation of the plot, and will directly influence the course and ending of the story in question. Through various chapters, and later in the future with a wider selection of different pieces and stories, all belonging to the same universe, you have the power to decide the fate of each situation present in the narrative. Will you be able to save everyone? Or will you prefer to experiment to see how truly dark and threatening your plot can become?

What is hidden beyond the fog?

What is Planeseeker about?

Planeseeker is the brand that represents the entire narrative universe, in which all interactive stories take place. This universe deals with our present times, where people’s lives seem to flow as usual. Planeseeker however takes the reader beyond the thin veil of the normal daily routine, the stories in fact will have a strong focus on accidents or technologies that are able to reveal the occult mysteries that surround us. Elemental planes of existence parallel to ours; mysterious, unknown and dangerous creatures that roam the city streets at night; catastrophic and gigantic events that are capable of completely distorting the entire dimensional balance. All this and more is part of the narrative universe in which all adventures take place.

Planeseeker is about exploration and discovery of the unknown, defense and preservation, human selfishness, greed, as well as heroism and courage. Powerful entities are at play, and supranational corporations attempt to safeguard the entire human society through the use of experimental resources and secret operations. The Agents, individuals with incredible and superhuman powers, are the main tools of these associations. They are individuals limited in number, with skills that derive from technological graft or highly advanced training, which have left a clearly visible mark on their bodies or their minds.

The different planes of existence that populate the multiverse are alien, strange, sometimes even dark and disturbing territories. The reward for explorers who pass through them, facing their challenges, will however be full of wonder and amazement.

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