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Planeseeker: the known planes.

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In Planeseeker’s plot there are different planes of existence, also defined simply as planes or worlds. The reality we live in is defined as the fundamental plane, it represents the focal point, the pivot around which all the other worlds rotate. There are three other known planes in addition to the fundamental one, these are the closest and most easily accessible worlds, it is possible that there are others besides these three, but for now nothing else is known.

What forms the structure of a plane in the realm of the possible are the elements. Each world has a couple of prevalent elements that characterize the appearance and morphology of the same. The only exception is the fundamental plan which has a balance between all the existing elements.

Known worlds

This is the list of plans discovered and known so far:

Ogunsin – This world has a strong inclination towards the element of fire and darkness. In fact, there is no day-night cycle, the sky is always darkened in a perennial night, and the only source of light that illuminates the air is represented by the immense sea of fire that envelops most of the landscape. The fire that appears on this plane never seems to extinguish itself, but at the same time it does not spread, at least not as quickly as that in our world, but it burns in equal measure, and it is absolutely not recommended to get in touch. Only a few areas of the plain are practicable: small pieces of flying land that fly over the infinite flaming sea below like clouds.

Zilyasiet – A world strongly influenced by the element of earth and light. Burned by a sun that never sets, this plain has a landscape entirely characterized by rocky plains, deserts, hills and mountains. The vegetation is almost completely non-existent, and temperatures can reach extremely high levels in the driest areas. Different crystalline growths, with a chemical component still unknown, seem to appear almost everywhere in this world, both underground and on the surface. Sometimes these crystals reach considerable size, creating vast and intricate formations.

Vodaveter – World entirely covered with oceans and storms, directly connected to the element of water and wind. One of the most dangerous, unpredictable and difficult plain to explore, due to the very strong winds and brutal currents that can destroy a team of operators unprepared in no time. There seem to be rare cases of small terrestrial formations, but small islands remain, and in any case they are always battered by bad weather that never stop beating on the coasts.

The Vakum – What is defined with this term is not a real plain, but what is present “in the middle” between one world and another. It seems to be just a void where nothing physical remains, but there are creatures that move in the Vakum, creatures that are normally very dangerous.

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