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The writer behind Planeseeker

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First of all I’ll introduce myself: please to meet you, my name is Giacomo Marcucci (very italian name, I know), I am a writer. But before of this what was I? Where did I start from? What is the motivation that drives me and why am I here today? Let’s start from the beginning.

Since the dawn of my existence the passion that characterizes me has always been to know new stories. Even before I joined the Demios group, even when I was a child, my instinct has always been to look for means that would show me new stories, events and characters. Whether it’s the life of the people around me, movies, books or video games, each story can be fascinating, interesting, and worthy of being heard.

Now I am here, writing these words in this article, and I have landed in this company as a writer and screenwriter since long time now, but once I was just a child who, with wide eyes full of wonder, watched his brother play The Legend of Zelda : a Link to the Past on the home Super Nintendo, trying to decipher that strange combination of letters on the screen that adults defined with the name “english“.

What did videogames left me

I have to be honest, among all the media out there, video games were the first to introduce me to the fantastic idea of exploring a completely new and different world from ours. They were a very strong and incisive influence on the creativity that developed during my childhood.

Myst’s island was a truly curious and fascinating place.

I owe to Myst, from the current Cyan Worlds inc., the love that developed in me for the mystery, the journey into the unknown. I still remember when they explained to me the beginning of the plot: “You are a man who has fallen into a book and is now on an island full of strange and absurd devices.” How can you not find such a premise interesting? My child mind built upon this introduction dozens of different guesses and questions. What does it mean that he “fell into the book”? What kind of island is it? What is happening? Who are you really and how did you find that book that brought you to that place?

If there is one thing I have learned is that the questions do not always lead to answers, but they certainly make the gears of our head set in motion, they generate interest, and imagination.

Instead, I owe Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft my passion for gloomy, dark and intense settings. A group of Earth’s settlers who are forced to face two different alien races, one more beastly and frightening and the other more mystical, futuristic and indecipherable, all this in a cold universe with dim and tenebrous colors. My child self was frightened, involved and absolutely fascinated by everything he saw on the screen, while the small units moved under the commands given by my mouse.

Where am I today?

Reaching adolescence and then maturity I slowly began to realize a new concept: I don’t just want to discover new stories to store them in my memory, I want to use everything I learned to create my stories, my worlds and my characters. And so I did. Approaching writing and starting first with short stories, I have now come to have an actual book published around Italy.

However, my heart remained at the starting point, where the child I was was excited, enthusiastic and fascinated for the first time. The biggest dream has always been to create the universe, the setting, the plot and the characters of a real game.

That’s why I joined Demios, and that’s where Planeeseker‘s idea came from. Thanks everything I learned during my years as an observer and story lover, now an interactive story will come to life.

More and more details will arrive shortly, until its official release on the market.

I hope that the premise of the story can bring you questions, as Myst had managed to do with me many years ago.

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