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Here we are on the internet, finally ready to start with our new site. Despite the complicated situation that is spreading all over the world, we at Demios continue to work, and we are very focused on our projects, both current and future. We are therefore happy to inaugurate this space, where we could write and communicate both our latest news and many other insights and curiosities about each type of product that belongs to us and characterizes us.

This is a very difficult period, which will mark an important point in the entire history of mankind. We are here to remind ourselves and all of you that together we are stronger, and that even from afar the connection between all of us is present through our commitment, our thoughts, and the tools that technology is able to provide us.

So wait only a little longer, because soon this place will be filled with everything you need to know about us as a company and about our products.

Some call it magic, we call it passion.

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