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What are the Artifacts?

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When two planes converge with each other, potentially catastrophic events occur, or different and varied anomalies. One of these anomalies comes in the form of strange objects, very similar to crystals, which appear whenever a rift or convergence appears on our fundamental plane.

Many of the operatives have already nicknamed these strange formations as “Artifacts“, given their apparently elaborate form and similar to what a piece exhibited in a museum could have. Instead what scientists have discovered is that these mysterious objects could be the product of an alteration of the planar surface, due to the presence of the rift or convergence that modifies the “veil” between the planes in question.

The so-called Artifact is not a real crystal, however, or rather it does not seem to have the same physical characteristics as the crystals present on earth, despite the similarity in appearance. Physically it is concrete and material, but it seems to have characteristics that completely alter our normal physical perception of the surrounding world.

Numerous testimonies declare for example that some Artifacts manage to appear in some way of the same size, regardless of the distance from which you look at them. And this is just one of the many oddities they seem to be capable of.

It has not yet been possible to understand whether their peculiar physical-chemical properties are capable of creating elaborate optical illusions, or whether there are still particularities that are unknown and that allow the object to actually alter its size and the physics that it surrounds him.

Because of these still unknown and unpredictable characteristics, the Artifacts must be considered highly unstable and dangerous. After a sighting of a new Artifact, the goal is always to recover it with extreme caution, bring it back to special structures, contain it as safely as possible, and then try to analyze it without suffering damage to staff, if possible.

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